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Take a look at some of the consignment instruments we have for sale. These instruments are consigned here by individuals and have been thoroughly looked over by our luthier. If anything catches your eye, come in and give it a listen!  We’re happy to play it for you, or you can try any of the instruments yourself. We have many more instruments in stock that are not on the website; call with questions or stop on by!

The instruments are photographed under natural light and are never edited. Email us for additional photographs. 

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Farbegeigen 4/4 Violin - $549 (C052)

2006 (consigment)

This instrument was conditioned, varnished, and set up here at Austin Strings. We do only a few of these each year; they are ordered directly from Romania and the wood comes from the Carpathian forest. We get them in the white when the wood is still bare. The advantage when working with an instrument in the white is we know exactly what is put onto the wood. It is very important that the varnish is applied correctly so as not to clog the grain. If a violin is varnished incorrectly, the wood will not vibrate and will muffle the sound. We first remove the top of the instrument and regraduate the inside to an ideal thickness, then we seal the wood with a substance that both protects and amplifies vibration. Once the top is reglued, we seal the outside and begin the many layers of a varnish recipe that is very similar to many old German varnishes. The varnish is handrubbed and a totally unique color. As an instrument gets older and gets played more often, it will sound better and better. This instrument was set up in 2006. Comes with a case and wood bow. As this is a consignment this particular instrument is available for purchase only.

"Chin Cello" Viola 15.5" - 16" - $700 (C036)


This viola is a real shop favorite. These Chin Cellos were specifically made to have the option of playing with octave lower strings to be able to play cello music on the viola. It is currently strung as a traditional viola and sounds absolutely lovely! This viola is a bit smaller than a 16". Comes with a case and bow. For purchase only.

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