Click here to download sample rental contract

Total monthly prices including insurance start at:

Violin Rentals: $28.50

Viola Rentals: $28.50

Cello Rentals: $43.50

Bass Rentals: $58.50

Repairs covered under insurance do not require a copay!


• Keep 100% of your equity

• Only pay one month up front

• Free introductory lesson with rental

• You or your child get to pick your instrument, bow, and case. Our expert staff will play the instruments for you and guide you through choosing the perfect instrument. This gives an immediate connection and encourages more dedication and practice.

• No copays required on insured repairs

• We rent violins/violas valued up to $1,300, and cellos valued up to $3,600. Advanced players can still get an amazing instrument for rent.

• We get beautiful new instruments from many different companies, restore many older instruments from around the 1900's and varnish instruments from Romania in house. Our selection is so varied each person can pick an instrument they will love.

• Our overhead is much lower as we are family-owned, local, and small. This means we can sell and rent amazing instruments for great prices.


Make sure you are coming to the One and Only Austin Strings located in the Plaza Cortez near the McNeil and 183 intersection!

You can call/email to arrange a pickup (call to arrange pickup) You can check out the terms and conditions by downloading this sample rental contract: (check out sample rental contract). To save paper, we now have you fill out a digital contract in the store, come on by and we'll take care of everything!


from $28.50 total monthly price



from $58.50 total monthly price 


from $43.50 total monthly price 


from $28.50 total monthly price 

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Tuesday-Friday 12:00pm-7:00pm

​Saturday 11:00am-5:00pm

Closed Sunday & Monday

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