Below is a list of some of the violins we have for sale. These are all available to be played on if you'd like to hear their unique sound. You can play the instruments yourself, or anyone on our staff can demonstrate them for you. Please give us a call, shoot us an email, or just stop by if you have questions!


SOLD: HOPF violin, stamped HOPE, $1,200

WWI, 1914-1918

HOPF violin.  Made during WWI when the factory was placing the word “HOPE” on the the back stamp because of anti-semitism.  Made in Klingenthal by family that eventually ended up immigrating to Great Britain and Ireland.  Many of the “HOPE” violins are being played in Ireland to this day. This violin has the characteristic HOPF shape, and German varnish.  Re-graduated with a new bass-bar, end-blocks and neck.  Some top cracks and varnish repaired on the top.  Back and sides are original. The original neck had mechanical pegs and so had to be replaced.  It has been restored and plays wonderfully.  Clear loud tone, pleasing to the ear.  Auction prices on HOPF violins stamped HOPE have been between $1963.00- $6900.  Because of varnish on the top not being original this one is priced to sell at $1200.

(SOLD) Copy of a Carlo Bergonzi, $2,600


Copy of a Carlo Bergonzi dated 1772. An appraisal comes with this instrument Dated July 2009 by Rock T. Eggen in Denver Colorado. This violin is a copy made in Germany before WWII.  At a cooperative that expressively copied old instruments and exported them, (possibly Bubenreuth).  It has the look of a scroll graft. Original pegs, and tailpiece.  Bridge dated July 1989 with a Hebrew name stamped on the fingerboard side.  One Piece highly flamed back with lovely light aloe undercoat, and slight pigment of Dragon's blood.  Solid ebony fittings. Clear rich tone.  Has obligato strings. Appraised in 2009 for $2600.00. Make an offer.

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