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Take a look at some of the instruments we have for sale. If anything catches your eye, come in and give it a listen!  We’re happy to play it for you, or you can try any of the instruments yourself. We have many more instruments in stock that are not on the website; call with questions or stop on by!

The instruments are photographed under natural light and are never edited. Email us for additional photographs. 

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7/8 size Amati 301 Violin - $1299

We currently have two of these in stock - one is a beautiful rich reddish brown and the other is more golden brown. They sound lovely and full, but are 7/8 size and would be perfect for the violinist with petite hands. Well-seasoned spruce top and maple aged at least 7 years. Ebony fingerboard and fittings. Beautifully crafted, would make a great step up or permanent instrument. Package price includes case and bow. Eligible for a 20% discount if purchased outright.

Revelle 500 4/4 Violin - $999

This instrument has a direct and powerful tone, very adaptable and ready to be controlled by an advancing violinist. Revelle brand instruments are made in China with select aged European maple and spruce, high-quality workmanship, and good quality-control. As with any instrument - try it out with many wood bows to find it’s best partner and you’ll end up with more volume and a better tone!  This instrument is classic and elegant; with solid ebony fingerboard and fittings and cool-toned light brown varnish. Considered a higher-level rental instrument but would be fantastic for anyone that wants something versatile. Eligible for 20% discount if purchased outright

Carlo Moretti 4/4 Violin Package - $1,150

The Carlo Moretti is a wonderful violin for the advancing player or would make a great permanent instrument for an adult who loves a sweet-sounding violin. The sweet, lovely tone of this instrument would work equally well for classical or fiddle style music. The sound is more encompassing and diffuse, less powerful and more soulful and smooth. The varnish is a dark beautiful brown that mimics an older German instrument. It has a solid ebony fingerboard and boxwood fittings that compliment the hand-painted varnish. The price is for the package including case and bow. This instrument is eligible for rent, payment plan, or purchase. Eligible for a 20% discount if purchased outright.

Ming Jiang Zhu Workshop 4/4 Violin 2003 - $3,499


New technology, old-world sound. This instrument sounds beautiful. Sweet and loud, would do well in the hands of a soloist. Ming Jiang Zhu and his workshop use a method of asymmetric plate graduation to achieve a similar sound to the famed Stradivarius. He got his start in 1975, being chosen to study at the Guangzhou Musical Instruments School which produced other well-known makers. In 1991 he opened his own workshop after working in the Guangzhou Musical Instrument Research Institute where he was able to do scientific research and practice his making skills. He won many awards over the next 20 years and was interviewed by Time Magazine in 1996. I was able to track down the text of the Time Magazine article and am posting it on our website while we have his violin for sale (click here for article). Ming passed away in 2014 from liver cancer but this violin lives on as a piece of his legacy.

Solid ebony fingerboard, beautiful boxwood pegs and tailpiece compliment the warm honey-brown hand-painted varnish. Stunning solid-back with absolutely gorgeous tight-grained quilted maple. This violin compares favorably to instruments well-above its price category, definitely worth a listen! 

Bellissimo Bosco 600 Package - $1499

All the Bellissimo Bosco violins I’ve played on sound beautiful, and the 600 is no exception. Rich, powerful, resonant, and waiting for an advancing player to own it and truly bring out its full tone. Made with seasoned European maple and spruce and finished with a lovely antiqued varnish - the 600 is distinctive. The varnish has a gorgeous sheen to it and the quilted maple practically glows; while simultaneously dark, dappled varnish and subtle antiquing give it an old-world feel. Just beautiful! Solid ebony fingerboard and fittings. Eligible for rental or payment plan, price includes case and bow. Eligible for a 20% discount if purchased outright.

Revelle 700 Package - $2,200

This Revelle 700 is a truly incredible instrument for its price range. The sound is resonant, powerful, complex, and nuanced in all registers without any breaking-in needed - though I am certain it will only get better the more it is played. Italian tone woods aged for 7+ years and beautiful workmanship make this a great choice for the advanced player or for anyone looking for their permanent instrument. Compares favorably to much more expensive violins. Beautiful subtly-antiqued varnish and a stunning solid back with tight-grain quilted maple. Worth playing to see if you love the way this instrument plays! Not eligible for discounts, package price includes case and bow.

Gewa Meister-Level, Made in Germany - $1375

This instrument has a beautiful clear tone and is very responsive. Has a focussed tone with good resonance and a bright, intense attack. I would recommend this for a player that knows how to blend and wants to stand out. Would be great for a soloist or stage performer that also plays in group settings! The varnish is simple and matte and the fittings are classic ebony. The look of the instrument is a bit nondescript but the wood has nice flame in the maple and grain in the spruce. This instrument was made in Germany under the label Wolfgang Aehnalt, I would consider this a workshop instrument with a bit more individual attention from a maker with good knowledge, then probably handed off to the team that varnishes to give it a look cohesive with others in its brand. It’s not easy to find relatively inexpensive German-made instruments, I recommend giving this one a listen! Price includes case and bow, can be rented or is eligible for 20% discount when purchased outright.

NS Electric WAV 4 Amber Burst - $799

We have been so incredibly pleased with the NS electric instruments we’ve had come through our shop. They play beautifully and are set up to perfection. The sound through our amp here in the shop sounds very clean and lovely and acoustic. Feels much lighter and easier to handle than other electric violins I’ve tried. It would be worthwhile to come in and play on it to check for comfort as everything is built in but can be adjusted. This NS is the color Amberburst which looks like a nice, warm, classic varnish color. Solid ebony fingerboard, Polar Pickup System, adjustable Maple bridge. Not eligible for discounts; case and bow included with package. Available for purchase or rental.

Mark Wood Concert Acoustic/Electric 4-string Violin - $1,399

Plays beautifully plugged or unplugged! Exceptional warm, sweet tone acoustically. The pickup doesn’t interfere with the beautiful acoustic sound. When played through an amp the Wood pickup has a clear, full sound. Really an amazing find for the musician who does a lot of recording and needs a line-in or anyone interested in an electric violin that still plays beautifully acoustically! Minimum 5-year aged maple and a tight-grain spruce on the top. One-piece back, Wood-brand tailpiece, real ebony fingerboard and pegs. Would be available for a rental or payment plan. $1399 retail includes case and bow. Eligible for 20% discount when purchased outright.

Amati Bel Suono 101 - $499


These instruments are available for rental or purchase and are just lovely. They have a sweet, strong sound and all vary a bit in look and sound. As always, we recommend coming down and hearing them side by side!


As with all of our instruments they have a solid ebony fingerboard and real purfling inlay. This instrument has been professionally set up to be in precise playing condition. The wood has been aged and dried so it will not change shape over time; a well-made violin will last hundreds of years. Our student-level instruments come as a package with a case and bow.


Farbegeigen 4/4 Violin - $549 (C052)

2006 (consigment)

This instrument was conditioned, varnished, and set up here at Austin Strings. We do only a few of these each year; they are ordered directly from Romania and the wood comes from the Carpathian forest. We get them in the white when the wood is still bare. The advantage when working with an instrument in the white is we know exactly what is put onto the wood. It is very important that the varnish is applied correctly so as not to clog the grain. If a violin is varnished incorrectly, the wood will not vibrate and will muffle the sound. We first remove the top of the instrument and regraduate the inside to an ideal thickness, then we seal the wood with a substance that both protects and amplifies vibration. Once the top is reglued, we seal the outside and begin the many layers of a varnish recipe that is very similar to many old German varnishes. The varnish is handrubbed and a totally unique color. As an instrument gets older and gets played more often, it will sound better and better. This instrument was set up in 2006. Comes with a case and wood bow. As this is a consignment this particular instrument is available for purchase only.

Amati Bel Suono - Solid Back - $699


This instrument is new with a lovely sound, clear and rich; the sound is much nicer than most others in this price range. The violin has a hand-rubbed oil varnish with a satin luster. The fittings are solid ebony with parisian eye inlay and this particular violin has a gorgeous curly maple quarter sawn solid back. The chin rest in the photo is ebony, and the style can be switched out depending on which one is the most comfortable. An amazing value; this is available for rental or purchase. Includes a case and bow of your choice - 20% off when purchased outright.

Amati Bel Suono - Split Back - $699


This instrument is new with a lovely sound, clear and rich; the sound is much nicer than most others in this price range. The violin has a hand-rubbed oil varnish with a satin luster. The fittings are solid ebony with parisian eye inlay and this particular violin has a very tight grain which is a good visual indication of an instrument that will project well. The back is quarter-sawn curly maple. The chin rest in the photo is ebony and the style can be switched out depending on which one is the most comfortable. An amazing value; this is available for rental or purchase. Includes a case and bow - 20% off when purchased outright.

"Chin Cello" Viola 15.5" - 16" - $700 (C036)


This viola is a real shop favorite. These Chin Cellos were specifically made to have the option of playing with octave lower strings to be able to play cello music on the viola. It is currently strung as a traditional viola and sounds absolutely lovely! This viola is a bit smaller than a 16". Comes with a case and bow. For purchase only.

Josef Klotz - $1,200

1887 - 1899

This is an authentic Josef Klotz Violin from the late 1800’s: 1887-1899. Because of it’s long-scale body, the measurements date this instrument to pre-1900, the Made in Germany stamp on the label dates it after the Merchandise Marks Act of 1887. Starting in the mid 1700’s The Klotz family made instruments and taught many other families in the area the violin trade. Authentic Klotz violins have very distinctive corners and top/back graduation-style as well as the look of the f-holes and a saxon scroll. The font of the Klotz stamp on the back is set to an arc with a slightly offset Z.  These instruments sell on auction from $2,000-$5,000. This violin has a neck repair that was done here in the shop several years ago and is very solid; the instrument was set up and played on for years after the repair was done. As the repair was done in our shop, it is guaranteed. An amazing-sounding instrument with an incredibly rich history. Because of the neck repair we are asking $1,200 including a case and bow.

SOLD: HOPF violin, stamped HOPE, $1,200

WWI, 1914-1918

HOPF violin.  Made during WWI when the factory was placing the word “HOPE” on the the back stamp because of anti-semitism.  Made in Klingenthal by family that eventually ended up immigrating to Great Britain and Ireland.  Many of the “HOPE” violins are being played in Ireland to this day. This violin has the characteristic HOPF shape, and German varnish.  Re-graduated with a new bass-bar, end-blocks and neck.  Some top cracks and varnish repaired on the top.  Back and sides are original. The original neck had mechanical pegs and so had to be replaced.  It has been restored and plays wonderfully.  Clear loud tone, pleasing to the ear.  Auction prices on HOPF violins stamped HOPE have been between $1963.00- $6900.  Because of varnish on the top not being original this one is priced to sell at $1200.

Belissimo Bosco Violin, $1400


This instrument is new and has a big, clear sound. The varnish is lightly antiqued around the edges to add interest and the curly maple on the back and sides is stunning. Fittings are solid ebony with imitation bone accents, and as with any instrument in this price category the purfling is real, the fingerboard/nut/saddle are solid ebony. The instrument has been professionally set up here in the shop and plays like a dream!

SOLD Lyon and Healy Eureka Violin - $1,800

October 13th, 1905

Signed J.A. Gill, October 13th, 1905 on the neck button and on the bottom of the violin near the end button. Handmade with a hand-carved scroll and hand-scribed purfling; the varnish is original. Imported from Germany but signed and set up in Chicago as the date isn’t reversed. Lyon and Healy violins from around 1920 sell at auction for around $2,200. J.A Gill was likely the person who did the final set up once the instrument arrived in Chicago. The violin came without a fingerboard and no fittings so we fit a brand new ebony fingerboard and new rosewood fittings with ebony accents. We also rebuilt a broken corner and repaired a minor crack on the top. This violin is absolutely beautiful with a rich, bold, and deep sound. It has an easily playable dynamic range, very responsive and would suit any type of playing style. Come try it out and hear if you like it as much as we do! Includes a case and a bow. (Pictures coming soon)

(SOLD)Wilhelm Brückner - $3,500


The Brückner Family started making instruments in Erfurt, Germany in 1860 and still makes them presently. Wilhelm Brückner lived from 1874 to 1929, he made this violin two years before he passed. This violin has the characteristic edges and workmanship of Brückner violins. The label is original and is dated 1927. It came to us with the varnish stripped, but with no cracks or structural problems. We have restored the varnish and now have a beautiful violin worth half of it’s original value. It has been fitted with new Wittner modern ebony mechanical pegs and at some point was serviced at Gailes’ Violin Shop in Rhode Island. These violins sell at auction for $7,000, but as it does not have original varnish we are asking $3,500.


Walter Senkow, $6,500


Walter was born in a small mining town in Pennsylvania. He taught himself how to build violins in his 20’s as he couldn’t afford to purchase one but wanted to play. He made most of his violins in Dallas, Texas. His son still runs his father’s violin shop. Walter loved to try and make his violins sound good and experimented with many finishes and techniques.

This violin was made in 1967 and is authenticated by his son who remembers this violin being made when he was a small boy. It has a solid back and solid ebony fittings. It has the characteristic ebony inlay between the button and ribs which Walter did on many of his violins. This violin is in perfect condition; it's just beautiful. For more information on Walter please visit www.senkowviolins.com. This would make a great investment and a great violin for any player.

Helmut Ellersieck, $10,200

October 1946, Hand-Signed

Helmut Ellersieck was born in Rostock, Germany in 1886. At the age of 14 he began a violin apprenticeship under Ernest Kreul in Markneukirchen. In 1927 he immigrated to the US, eventually making his home in Los Angeles where he continues to make violins until 1956. This violin was made in October 1946, and is hand-signed by the maker. This violin has his characteristic stamps below the button and in several places inside the violin. It has a one piece back with original light amber finish, and ebony fittings. Large powerful sound, very well made. Great for a player or as an investment, as it will continue to increase in value due to the way the maker stamped his instruments.

1/4 Michael Achner Cello, $3,600


Michael Achner cello. Dated 1764.  Well played cello. Great shape and wonderful tone for a 1/4 sized instrument.  Has all the characteristics that were troublesome for the Achner brothers, e.g.  high arches, thin tables,  narrow edges. This one has been lovingly kept, and has no top cracks, wonderful playing condition.  It does have a sound post patch on the back. Would be an ideal instrument for a student who has played a few years, and can care for a very old instrument well. Auction prices on cellos from this maker top $12,000.  This is a unique cello as it is fractional from the maker, more than likely was specially made for a young student.  Asking $3600.

SOLD: Peter Paul Prier and Sons’ Cello, $7,200


Peter Paul Prier and sons’ cello dated 1996.  Fantastic condition, has been well-played.  Appraisal from Priers in 2011 is $5200.  They now sell for over $7000, but the owner will take the lower appraisal.  Gorgeous cello, made in USA from European woods in the Priers' violin-making school in Salt Lake City. Plays like a dream; especially beautiful sound for a cello in this price range. Price is for cello only; come check it out!

Michael Gene Scoggins USA handmade Cello, $37,000


Michael Gene Scoggins cello handmade in the USA, dated 1996.  Michael was born in Braintree, England in 1954 and founded the Scoggins and Scoggins violin shop with his wife Carrie in Salt Lake City. He sadly passed away in 2008.  Everything about this cello is exquisite, the gorgeous wood was specially chosen from Oregon and Washington state and the craftsmanship is precise and masterful. This cello has been played on consistently since 1996 and is in perfect condition.  All original fittings and a nice hand made bow makes this a great package for a serious player who would love a handmade American instrument. Appraisal on this cello in 2005 was $37,000.  This is a rare find.  Michael was truly loved and is greatly missed. His face lit up the world, and his instruments will outlive him.  What a great legacy.

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