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Take a look at some of the cellos we have for sale. If anything catches your eye, come in and give it a listen!  We’re happy to play it for you, or you can try any of the instruments yourself. We have many more instruments in stock that are not on the website; call with questions or stop on by!

The instruments are photographed under natural light and are never edited. Email us for additional photographs. 

If you'd like to learn more about our rental program click here.



Many More in Store!

As we have a small team we don't always have time to post instruments before they sell, so we have many more instruments available in our shop - please call or text 512-918-1863 to enquire!

(SOLD) Peter Paul Prier and Sons’ Cello, $7,200

Peter Paul Prier and sons’ cello dated 1996.  Fantastic condition, has been well-played.  Appraisal from Priers in 2011 is $5200.  They now sell for over $7000, but the owner will take the lower appraisal.  Gorgeous cello, made in USA from European woods in the Priers' violin-making school in Salt Lake City. Plays like a dream; especially beautiful sound for a cello in this price range. Price is for cello only; come check it out!


1/4 Michael Achner Cello ~1764

Michael Achner cello. Dated 1764.  Well played cello. Great shape and wonderful tone for a 1/4 sized instrument.  Has all the characteristics that were troublesome for the Achner brothers, e.g.  high arches, thin tables,  narrow edges. This one has been lovingly kept, and has no top cracks, wonderful playing condition.  It does have a sound post patch on the back. Would be an ideal instrument for a student who has played a few years, and can care for a very old instrument well. Auction prices on cellos from this maker top $12,000.  This is a unique cello as it is fractional from the maker, more than likely was specially made for a young student.  Asking $3600.


Michael Gene Scoggins USA handmade Cello ~1996

Michael Gene Scoggins cello handmade in the USA, dated 1996.  Michael was born in Braintree, England in 1954 and founded the Scoggins and Scoggins violin shop with his wife Carrie in Salt Lake City. He sadly passed away in 2008.  Everything about this cello is exquisite, the gorgeous wood was specially chosen from Oregon and Washington state and the craftsmanship is precise and masterful. This cello has been played on consistently since 1996 and is in perfect condition.  All original fittings and a nice hand made bow makes this a great package for a serious player who would love a handmade American instrument. Appraisal on this cello in 2005 was $37,000.  This is a rare find.  Michael was truly loved and is greatly missed. His face lit up the world, and his instruments will outlive him.  What a great legacy.


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