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-This page is under construction -- please check back later for more Viola photos!-



More violas coming soon! We have many rentals and gorgeous intermediate and professional-level violas in stock - call for details! (512)918-1863

Take a look at some of the violas we have for sale. If anything catches your eye, come in and give it a listen!  We’re happy to play it for you, or you can try any of the instruments yourself. We have many more instruments in stock that are not on the website; call with questions or stop on by!

The instruments are photographed under natural light and are never edited. Email us for additional photographs. 

If you'd like to learn more about our rental program click here.



Fire Phoenix 16" Viola

Firephoenix makes some gorgeous intermediate violas and cellos and this one is especially beautiful. Beautiful flamed maple back, hand rubbed varnish with light antiquing. Sounds wonderful and still inexpensive enough to be rented by an advancing player. Includes case and bow


Bellissimo Bosco 16.5" Viola

Description coming soon...


Czechoslovakian Strad Copy Viola 15" - 15.5" ~1918-1939

Stunning wood with big flame that shifts in the light. Varnish was stripped when it came to us, so we reavarnished using a traditional german oil technique. Top plate was removed and new bass bar installed as it previously had an integrated bass bar. This is a technique where a bass bar shape is left attached to the wood of the top plate-- this is commonly seen in older German instruments but it doesn't resonate correctly so we installed a proper bass bar which I'm sure has added to the gorgeous sound of this viola. Sweet, balanced, strong and soulful - this would be a great instrument for any viola player but especially nice for anyone who has to stretch to play a 16" as this is a smaller scale viola - unusual for an older viola! Price includes a case and bow


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