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Gift Ideas from Austin Strings

For any musicians or aspiring musicians in your life, here are some gift ideas from Austin Strings!

$28.5 - 28.50 A one-month rental can be an amazingly affordable gift! All of our rentals come with two free 30 minute lessons, which is an amazing value! $28.50 for violin/viola, $48.50 for cello

$240 - 4/4 violin package. A quality violin with real perfling, ebony fittings, and a case and bow! This is an amazing deal for a quality violin! Our stock varies, so give me a call at 512.918.1863 to see exactly what we have in stock!

$15 We now carry MOXIE ROSIN, which is amazing rosin made right here in Austin, TX! It is excellent rosin and plays better than any I've tried! It's also beautiful, comes in fun shapes and a silicone container that protects it and can be used to microwave it back together if it breaks! Truly amazing rosin, available in unique formulas for Violin, Viola, or Cello. Only $15

$99 - $140 FLIGHT ukuleles, Soprano and Concert sizes. We now carry FLIGHT ukuleles! They are so beautiful and sound fantastic. We have standard tuning, and I have also strung one up to have the same string pitches as a Viola or Mandola! We call these Mandolitas, or Ukuolas, or Violaleles, or... well we don't have a name for it yet, but it sounds beautiful and is a really fun, easy way to start learning the viola or mandola! Most of them are strung as a traditional Ukulele. The sapele wood soprano is $99, Sapele wood concert is just $209, and the zebra wood (soprano only in stock) is $140.

We also have a myriad of student, intermediate, and professional level violins, violas, and cellos for sale or rent. Our stock changes a little too quickly to keep the website perfectly updated, but you can always call or stop in to check out what we have in stock!

Please call if you have questions! Lori, Brieann and Russell would love to brainstorm the perfect gift for your loved one. Call us at 512-918-1863

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